Just some of our previous work...
Apologies for the quality of some of the pictures.. clearly we aren't photographers!
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Garden Clearance

A Landlord contacted us and asked for his tenants garden to be completely cleared. We removed 12 tonne bags full of garden waste and cleared the whole garden, leaving both the landlord and the tenants very happy.

Complete Garden Renovation

A landlord contacted us after his tenants garden become neglected and heavily overgrown. Initially we visited and performed a quick strim down and waste removal, including taking down and removing a garden shed and its contents.

The landlord then left the garden as it was, and later contacted us wanting a complete renovation. He wanted 2 tree’s and several stumps digging out and removed, he then wanted the grass area thoroughly weeded, leveled and re-seeded.

We completed this job at an extremely competitive price, lower than all 5 previous quotes the landlord had aquired. The landlord was happy with our work and saved our contact details for other properties.

Fence replacement & Tree removal

The customers fence became damaged due to strong winds, she requested we supplied and fitted a new fence and remove the tree from infront of it.

The fence was an abnormal size so we weren’t able to buy a complete panel for a reasonable price, so we built the fence panel to size for a much cheaper price.

The customer was very happy with the work.

Overgrown Strim & Cut

This customers garden was partially overgrown and we were asked to strim it down and cut the grass.

The job was completed for a competitive price and the customer was left with a freshly cut back garden, and a smile on their face!

Overgrown Basic Strim Down

This customers garden was heavily overgrown, we were asked to strim it down on a budget.

We were able to strim down the overgrown garden for 92% less than another company quoted.

We left the customer with a big smile on her face, who later booked in for an extra tidy up and waste removal.