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With the rise of thefts, it's important to keep your garden and sheds as secure as possible, we have many affordable options to help...

Lowestoft Outdoor & Garden Security

We can now supply and fit security lighting, basic cctv with motion detection, and shed alarms. We can also supply uprated shed & gate locking systems to prevent unwanted intruders and theft.

Security Lighting

We can supply and fit outdoor security lighting from as little as £50.
PIR Security Lights will only come on when movement is detected in the target area, thus using minimal electricity whilst getting your attention when something or someone is detected in your garden. People with security lighting installed can also save money on insurance premiums.

Be more alert

Security lights will alert you, and your neighbours if there is movement detected in your garden. Thieves are less likely to target your home/garden if you have a working security light fitted.

Motion Detect CCTV

We can supply and fit outdoor security cameras from as little as £60!

Having a visible camera fitted will deter a lot of thieves, and gives you extra peace of mind, and control over your home/garden’s security.
The camera(s) is 100% IP65 waterproof and can record both online and to built in storage if you choose.
The camera we supply come with advanced AI human detection which accurately identifies activities that only belong to humans, making animals less likely to trigger an alert (if enabled).
The camera also has optional settings which allow us to set up motion or sound triggered alarms, which can trigger your camera to output an alarm, either with sound or light, or both (or none).
The camera has built in infrared night vision, but this can be disabled giving you full color night mode. We can also supply additional invisible infrared floodlights if requested, which can light up a very large garden with invisible infrared light, giving you crystal clear infrared night vision.

Please contact us today for more information, as we can supply a range of camera’s subject to your needs and boast unbeatable pricing with a high quality service.

Secure your home & garden

The cameras can alert you when motion is detected, they boast 2k HD video, and powerful IR night vision. They can also be viewed remotely from your mobile phone, even if you’re in another country!

Shed Alarms

We can supply and fit shed alarms for as little as £30!

Our shed alarms have a detection range of  between 7 and 15 meters, and output a loud 105db alarm tone when motion is detected via their built in PIR sensor.

Our shed alarms are mostly battery powered, so do not require any wiring or outdoor power!

Our shed alarms can either come with a remote control which can be used to arm/disarm the alarm, or we can supply alarms which require a PIN to be entered within 10 seconds of motion to disarm.


Secure your shed or outbuilding

Our shed alarms will be sure to alert you (and likely your neighbours) to people attempting to steal from your shed. With prices from as little as £30 supplied and fitted, a shed alarm is a must have!

Fence Spikes

Fence spikes are a visual and physical deterrent, in the form of an anti-climb and anti-intruder safety feature for your garden. Fence spikes can deter people, and animals from attempting to climb into your property, and they can be fitted to walls, fences and gates.


Prevent climbers

Fence spikes are highly effective climbing deterrents for both humans and animals, keeping the unwanted out of your garden.

Upgraded Locks & Lock Bars

We can supply and fit both upgraded locks, and also lock bars.

Lock bars consist of a bracket either side of your gate or shed door, with a metal bar locked into place accross them with a secure padlock. The brackets are fitted with security bolts, preventing intruders from unscrewing them. On garden gates, we’re also able to weld the bracket bolts, preventing them from being tempered with.

A lockbar is a highly effective way to keep the contents of your garden, and/or shed safe. These bars are sure to stop people from kicking your gate in, and also stop thieves getting larger items, such as motorbikes out of a garden without being lifted over the bar.


Highly Effective

Lock bars are highly effective and play a vital role in securing your shed and / or garden gates.

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